New Yamaha keyboard needed but which one?

by Neel
(London, England)


I currently have a PSR E203 keyboard and have outgrown it. For future electronic keyboard grading exams, I need:
* Minimum of 5 octaves
* Dual Voice capability
* Voice Change memory
* I really need a keyboard where it is easy to add dual voice in the middle of a piece

I want to stick with Yamaha, and ideally the PSR series but can you please tell me which is the cheapest model that gives me the above?

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Apr 08, 2010
"Future" Yamaha
by: Alfred

Dear Neel: Sorry, omitted my name in post dated 4/6. Also take note of Dick Rector's comments if you visit a store where they have the unit on "demo".

Apr 06, 2010
new keyboard
by: Dick Rector

Hi Neel,

All keyboards have the minimum requirements you've mentioned. It is basically a matter 'how much' you can spend. If you are a serious keyboard-player and don't want to pay twice go as high as you can. The more, let's say 'buttons, bells and extra's' on a keyboard, obvious the more money it cost you. And if you want to do recording (later?)on multitracks with all the possibilities of editing etc. you will need a sequencer type off keyboard.
We are not linked to Yamaha or any factory on this forum but enthusiast keyboardplayers. It is without a doubt however that Yamaha has the largest selection in what you are looking for.
Go to different stores if possible and have as many 'models' shown and demonstrated to you.
Happy hunting!


Apr 06, 2010
"Future" Yamaha
by: Anonymous

Dear Neel: By reviewing the info contained in the titles to the left of this message you might find what you need. If you do,check the internet for specific description of the model chosen, then go to the keyboard store in your area to see first hand if the unit is suitable and if your budget will accommodate purchase.. Good luck.

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