Musicsoft Downloader

by Devin

I just got a PSR-e413, and some problems have come up with the computer connection. Every time I try to open the Musicsoft downloader, it doesn't actually open. It says:

"Musicsoft downloader 5.5.0
Copyright (c) 2004-2007 Yamaha corporation."

I downloaded the file off the internet because I didn't get the CD with the keyboard. I also downloaded the driver installer so I could 'connect' the keyboard to the computer. I thought that was the problem until that didn't work. Do I need the disc in order to connect my keyboard to the computer, or is there another way I should be doing this.
Do note that I am not the admin of this computer.

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Aug 14, 2018
user style files
by: Anonymous

i have loaded file styles to my psr e453 to user presets 221-230 by both the flash disk and music soft down loader at different occasions but they are not playing though displayed on the screen.what could be the problem?

May 07, 2018
by: Anonymous


Aug 11, 2012
musicsoft downloader for keyboards.
by: Yamaha

You can donwload musicsoft downloader from .

After installing the software, you need to restart your system.

Ensure that both your keyboard and PC are switched off at first.

Make the cable connection.

First switch on the keyboard and then turn on the PC.

This way your pc will detect the keyboard.

Oct 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

psr e413

Amigos preciso do soft do teclado o que recebi ficou dando erro de leitura

Apr 26, 2010
Thanks Alfred
by: Devin

Dang! I was hoping that I wouldn't have to buy the CD. Oh well...

Apr 26, 2010
Cd for PSR E413
by: Alfred

Dear Devin: I own a PSR E 403, and I bought it with its CD Driver. If your 413 is anything like my unit, I suspect you will need to acquire the CD
for it. If you live in the USA, you might want to contact Yamaha Parts Department at (714) 522-9011 or 1 800 940 8806 to place an order
over the phone via credit card. Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Be sure to have the
Model number of the product available so that accurate information can be provided. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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