MIDI for Yamaha CLP 250

by GotDebt
(Houston, TX)

Sister is letting me use her Yamaha CLP 250. I want to use the MIDI to create & record music on my PC. However, the Yamaha USB MIDI doesn't list this model as one its compatible with. Why? Is there a specific one I should get or can I use any off the shelf MIDI interfaces? Great site by the way

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Jul 11, 2010
CLP not an arranger
by: Dick Rector


Alfred gave the correct answer, the CLP is NOT an arranger keyboard/piano.


Jul 11, 2010
Yamaha Clavinova CLP 250 MIDI
by: Alfred

Dear GotDebt: The little I have gleaned about the CLP 250 seems to confirm what you describe; as a separate Sequencer is supposedly required for MIDI
operation. My MIDI experience is minimal, but I would suggest you check Ebay for a unit (keyboard) which can be used as a Sequencer so that if you buy one it will be a useful addition while still having the MIDI feature for independent hook up to your PC. Just be sure you bid only on keyboards which are listed as 100% working, and with "Returns accepted" condition. Also, look for units which include the Owner's Manual and the Power Adaptor. If you feel we can be of further assistance, come back, You'll always be welcome.

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