label the keyboard with the correct notes.

by Joyce Lee
(Springfield, IL)

i want to know what is the correct letters to put on my PSR E323 so that i can be able to play my keyboard without making a mistake, please help me with this please.

Joyce Lee

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May 19, 2010
correct note-names?
by: Dick Rector

Hi Joyce,

If I understand it well you would like to know the names of the keys on your keyboard?
The keyboard has 5 OCTAVES that means 5 times from C to C.
Beginning most left, the lowest white key is C1.
All keys are numbered in order. Meaning, next to this C1, the first black key is CIS1. The black keys have the same name but wit 'IS' attached.
The names in every octave are the same, only the numbers are changing).

If you go back to your most left key, the C1.
The names are a follows:
C1, CIS1, D1 ,DIS1, E1, F1, FIS1, G1, GIS1, A1, AIS1, B1 and than it starts all over with the next C and that is called C2.
So to make it easy, a C-key is always the white key BEFORE two black keys.
When you come to again a C key, C3 that is, it is called the MIDDLE C or also called CENTRAL C. For obvious reasons because it is in the middle of your keyboard.
Bare in mind that this counts for a 5-octave keyboard only. Larger keyboards or a grandpiano have more octaves so the middle C has in that case a different number.

Hope this is what you wanted to know. Come back if we can help you.


May 19, 2010
Labels for Notes
by: Alfred

Dear Joyce: If you have not yet received guidance, check "PIANO KEYS LAYOUT" to the left of this message. Hope it helps.

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