keyboard's midi in plays no configurable voice.

by Adam


I have an old Yamaha keyboard with these features
and specifications related to this question.
It features T.R Touch Response,
O.T.S One Touch Setting,
S.S.P Stereo Samples Piano and
Y.E.S.2 Yamaha's Education Suite 2
My keyboard has a 5-din midi jack pair for in and out,
and when I use the keyboard's out midi it works well,
but when I use a preset aka
"Programmable ONE TOUCH SETTING"
and use midi in, it does not respond to either the M voice,
nor D voice
nor S voice.
It always plays the same piano when midi is fed into the keyboard.
But these presets work using the physical keyboard exclusively.
This keeps me away from recording quantized or otherwise edited midi
I record and play during a recording of this keyboard, meaning I am locked with what I played LIVE.
Is there a way in the FUNCTION menu or any other interface,
to let me play my own ONE TOUCH SETTING sounds using external midi?


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