Keyboard Tone Drop

My keyboard has dropped one full tone. I have adjusted transpose to "2" which corrects the problem artificially. I have tried resetting system to factory settings. No change. Any idea what setting is "stuck" or that I changed by mistake. Tuning at "0". Help!

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Dec 23, 2019
Have to transpose to 2 for right notes NEW
by: Tim

Why is my keyboard 1 whole step too low?

Nov 19, 2019
DGX-640 Transposed and Detuned on its own
by: Henry S.

My DGX-640 suddenly dropped 2 half-steps plus detuned 36 cents spontaneously. I compensated by transposing -2 and tuning 36, then it jumped back to concert on its own after a couple more songs. Now I know this keyboard is unusable for any actual gigs with other players. It happened in mid-song!!!

Dec 11, 2018
Question in response
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have the exact same problem. Was wondering if you found out why this happened? I am finding it tough to reach a legitimate Yamaha person at the moment

Apr 04, 2017
Try this it works
by: T Turner

Depending on where you live you can always get info from the main Yamaha instrument company. I live in Florida and phone the dealer in California USA. In other countries you would call their local dealers. Many problems are solved by contacting this source. TT

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