Keyboard repairs.

by Ssenyonjo
(Kampala, Uganda)

I wonder how I can have my Yamaha PSR 1500 repaired? Some of its keys have stoped responding. Is there any chance that it can be fixed?

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Oct 01, 2009
Unresponsive Keys PSR 1500
by: Alfred

Dear Ssenyonjo: First of all, DO NOT OPEN YOUR KEYBOARD. THERE WILL NOT BE ANY REPAIRS YOU CAN OR SHOULD TRY TO DO. Your keyboard is very new even if the warranty has probably expired. There are several possible reasons for failure of the keys in question. They are too numerous to mention; not likely to help you; maybe incomplete
and serve only to confuse you. Secondly, to answer your question YES REPAIR CAN BE DONE,but I believe you will agree with me that the best course of action is to contact the store where you bought the unit. If they are authorized Yamaha Dealers, all the better. They would know what has to be done. If they are not, contact your Country Distributor for instructions.

Oct 01, 2009
keys not working
by: Dick Rector

Hi there,

Alfred has given the best advice.
If the not working keys are next to each other, the 'contact-pad' (for a better word!) underneath the keys is not- or malfunction. There are a few of these pads in a keyboard. If that is the case it can be repaired/replaced by a professional. Unless you are an electronical skilled person don't even LOOK at it.
Sorry for your problem, again if this is the case it is not usually something that happens with relatively new boards. And even if your guarantee is over, this should be replaced for minimal costs. You can expect a much longer lifetime from a Yamaha-part. Unless of course the board is VERY RUFF played (hammered) or a liquid or a foreign object has gone underneath the keys.
Not much of help but I hope you find someone who can fix it.
Let us know please!

Sep 17, 2015
by: Congolee Isaac

My keyboard Psr 433 mother board got burnt some 2-3month ago and it is stack here in kanpala and has refused get repaired up to know can u help me plz, I will be very glad to get the soution fro U.

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