Keyboard - No Sound??

by Kristin

I have a Yamaha DGX530 and we moved it from the office to the living room and now when you press the keys no sound comes out. The volume is all the way there something else that could be causing it?

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Nov 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

please make sure that you didn't spill or got moist in the speakers

Sep 04, 2011
bad connection from headphone jack cause no sound
by: Anonymous

After reading Dick's comments, I plugged in a headphone and confirmed there was sound. Unplugged it but keyboard still no sound. Hmmm, doesn't look good.

Then I try to plug in the headphone again but this time no sound through headphone either. Noticed insertion of headphone plug was not smooth, or didn't seem to have gone in all the way.

In between trying to push it in, pulling out, etc, suddenly heard sound from speaker! (push the DEMO button so you get continuous music output for you to test). But sound stopped again as I was wiggling the headphone jack plug. Wow, looks like problem is bad connection (some kind of interference) inside, whereby despite not having headphone jack in, inside connection seems to have gotten into the state of 'headphone inserted', and due to that, no sound coming out from speaker.

push headphone jack in and wiggle (with a bit of force) left/right, may have to pull jack out slightly and do that again, and see if sound comes out from speaker again.

Oct 01, 2010
No sound from speakers
by: Dick Rector

Hi Kristin,

If it was working ok before check:
Do you hear normal sound when you use a headphone?
Is there a headphone adapter (small to big jackplug) still in the 'headphones out'? That will cut off the speakers and is a mistake we all make ones... well some of us..!

It is distant guessing of course but if the headphone works ok and there is nothing left in the headphone connector I am afraid the end amplifier is dead (or unlikely the speakers are)and you will need a (Yamaha trained) repair-person to have a look at it.

Hope it is something simple.

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