Keyboard Display Glass Problem

by Terry
(United Kingdom)

I have a psr 630, In the corners of the glass (display) there is a sort of dust build up, or something like that. I need to get at the inside of the glass to clean it off but have no idea how difficult this will be. Any help appreciated.

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Sep 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi Joshy A N,

Thanks very much for your helpful advice.

Sep 08, 2011
About dust Build up inside screen corners
by: Joshy A N

Hi Dear,
That will be a great Job for you If you go for cleaning the screen from inside ....You have to unscrew the entire key board wide opened ,and then only you can approach the screen....In most of Key boards PCB(Circuit boards) will be over the display monitor...So you have to remove those to remove screen ...It will come off as a set...But be care ful in removing each part...And carefully separate each part with its own screws,,,,otherwise You will be struggling to put back the parts in order.....
But my personal opinion is that ,If the dust is causing much disturbance for You, Then only you go for opening the key board....Better let this be done by service proffesionals from Yamaha.That will be available in Yamaha Service centres.
Or else, if the dust is a little amount only,Better do nothing...It wont interfere with your Keyboard function....
Best regards
Joshy A N

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