Choosing a Keyboard Amp

With so many keyboard amps available today, how do you know what to choose?

Well you may have to ask yourself a few questions. What will you be using your amplifier for? What kind of power do you require? What is your budget? Where will you be using your amplifier? How many keyboards or instruments do you intend to plug into the keyboard amp?

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For example, your amplifier may be fine for the home, a bookstore gig, a small coffee house, or another small room. But at a bigger, noisier venue, it would not suffice; particularly if it's an open air venue. You would have to go with a powerful PA system. In that case you can only use your keyboard amplifier as a stage monitor. Fortunately, some amps give you the option of connecting to the bigger sound system via a low-impedance "line out".

There are several brands available. These include Peavey, Alesis, Laney, Hartke, Barbetta, Motion Sound, Crate, Behringer, Fullerton, and Roland. To help you decide on what is best for your circumstances take time to read some customer reviews. Find out what customers like yourself have to say about what you're thinking of buying.

When it comes to musical instruments, usually the more expensive a piece of equipment is the better it is. Particularly if we're dealing with the same brand. But I always say, never spend more than you have to spend. In other words don't pay for features that you will never have use for. 

On the other hand, you sometimes have to think long term. You do not want to buy a keyboard amp and have to replace it in very little time because you have outgrown it. In that case you should spend a little more for a better product with better features.

If portability is an issue there are many small keyboard amps out there. Unfortunately, these come with smaller speakers and smaller amplifiers so this means less power. 

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