Key problem with PSR 200

by Tomas

I got a PSR 200 keyboard! The problem with this one key dosen`t give me a proper sound. When I push it down many times don`t give me any sound just later. I think is a connection problem and I hope I can repair that!

Any ideas what is the problem and how can I fix it?

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Oct 19, 2011
Key problem with PSR 200
by: Thomas

Thx for the help Joshy!

Oct 18, 2011
About Key sounding
by: Anonymous

It is not due to loose connection.Beneath the keys rubber pads with some material pasted over each rubber pad for each key..The material which is pasted may wear off gradually due to many reasons.As this material on each rubber pad comes in contact with a Printed circuit board while pressing and hence the sound is produced..Either your complaint may due to imperfect contact due to insufficient contact with the PCB or then prints on the PCB may got eroded. Dont worry you can replace the rubber paddings,but this cannot be replaced for single key as it comes as a set together for each octave..If you are confident about opening a keyboard ,you yourself can get it replaced or else consult an authorised technician...One option without purchasing the spare part is there .Take the rubber pad from the much less using octave (say octave on right end) and put it on the desired octave..Put the damaged rubber pad on the less using octave from which we have taken the rubberpad.

Best Regards
Joshy A N

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