I have a yamaha s08 with sticking keys

How might I fix this and what causes it> Is there a service manual for this unit? Email me at gospelsinger7@verizon.net. Thanks

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Dec 03, 2017
Me too
by: PSHarpKeeze

Just picked up this keybrd @ pawnshp. Couple keys are sticking...gr8 advice!!!!

Feb 02, 2010
I repaired the sticking key
by: dorforganist

Hi there,

I had the same problem, the d1 of my S08 was sticking. I fixed the problem by several measures.

The first problem was to open the keyboard. I unfastened all the screws in the side parts and took them away. Then I unfastened the screws on the front left and right corners connecting the silvery metal sheets on the sides with the front cover. Finially, I unfastened all the screws which connect the metal housing to the wooden base plate as well as one additional galvanized screw in the base plate. All this having been done, I was able to tilt and shift the cover upward and backward and to tilt the front cover forward a little. Now the keys were accessible.

In order to remove the key, I had to push it to the front a little and then pull it upward. I recognized that a small piece of plastic was broken away at the rear end of the key. I glued it with a low viscosity superglue. Furthmore, I applied some teflon spray to the "tilt point" where the hammer underneath the key is tilted around a metal edge. I inserted the key again. Its behavior was much better but not satisfactory, yet. Hence I exchanged the key with the uppermost d key of the keyboard, which is used very seldom in my eyes. After this action, I was stunned to see that both keys are working properly now. I reassembled the housing and I am happy now. :-)

I hope this helps someone with the same problem. Have fun!

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