How to replace floppy disk drive on Yamaha Clavinova CVP-700

by jack choice
(denver, co)

I need to replace the floppy disk drive a Yamaha Clavinova CVP-700 and need instructions as to how to do so. I've taken off the plate that covers the drive, can clearly see the drive in its housing but can't figure out how to remove it from its housing to slide it out and insert the new one. Can anyone help me??

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Mar 23, 2016
Would love more info
by: Roto

I am looking to do exactly as you mentioned . . . replace the floppy drive with a USB drive so I can get rid of all my floppies. You mentioned this wasn't as straight forward as you were lead to believe. Would you mind going into more detail. It might save me some time and money.


Jun 29, 2015
Installing the emulator
by: Jer

Well, after exhausting all avenues immediately at my disposal and taking about half of the Clavinova 700 apart I gave up and ordered the service manual from Yahmaha to see how the initial FDD is mounted. You need to entirely remove the top board assembly. Make sure the key cover is down covering the keys. Then you'll have access to the FDD and be able to remove the two frame screws holding it to the bottom board. The rest is simple for the installation. Be happy to send you the pertinent parts of the service manual. If you're replacing the FDD with an emulator like I did you may have some additional issues with the software. Can expand on that after you get the hardware installed. For the record, this is "not" a simple plug and play as I was led to believe. if you want to put your old midis on the flash drive.

Mar 01, 2015
Did you get an answer?
by: Anonymous

I have the same question. Did you ever get an answer?

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