How to Repair Yamaha CLP170 to Correct Noisy and Loud Keys

by Robert Jaffs

I have been trying to repair my CLP170 to correct noisy and loud keys. Having replaced the contact rubbers and the upper and lower felts, I put the keyboard back in position and plugged the keyboard in. When I powered it up I got no response. In desperation I reassembled the piano and now I at least am getting some sound from a number of keys but clearly not correctly and I am wondering whether I have done something stupid like putting the contact rubbers in the wrong way round. The way I have put them in is with the round end of the indentations in the rubbers down in the dip at the edge of the circuit boards. If someone could confirm what is the correct placing, it would be much appreciated as I don't want to take the whole thing apart just to try them in the opposite orientation.

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