how to download songs from my computer to my Yamaha EZ-200

by Susan

Does anyone know how to download songs from my computer to my Yamaha EZ-200, so I can learn to play them?

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Nov 22, 2017
i have this question too
by: Bret Leduc

apparently you can't add songs to my ez220 either :(
it really makes me wonder what people would use the usb cable for at all

Jun 14, 2017
IPad 1 or iPad 2 to ex-220 Yamaha keyboard
by: Kathleen G

I am working to get my iPad 1 or 2 to connect to the Ez-220 Yamaha digital music keyboard I tried one day Set up keyboard and iPad 2 to show my family and connecting light came on then when out Why???? too much interference of noises . Another day I tried it in the dining room a faint glimmer of light I saw at the connectivity at the green light. O yes we live in a condo and there are other condos around us. I still practice the songs in the song book. Will keep trying the Page Turner connecting and figure out how to get it going.

Yamaha is still a good music company of music keyboards

Thank you

Nov 16, 2009
by: Alfred

Dear Susan: That grandfather's blog is dated November 9. Thanks.

Nov 16, 2009
EZ 200
by: Alfred

Dear Susan: I have a special request. The CURRENT BLOGS include one from a grandfather who wishes to give his grand daughter an EZ 200 for Christmas. I tried to help out, but could not verify if this keyboard can record through MIDI, which is what I believe you want to do. If your Owner's Manual includes any info about MIDI, could you please scroll through the current Blogs and let that grandfather know ASAP to be in time for Christmas.
You should read that section carefully to see if it says you need to have an Accessory Driver (could be in the form of a CD) and if you will also need a USB patch cord, as both are normally needed to set your keyboard up for Computer/Internet downloads. Thank you for your help. Please keep the Forum informed through a follow-up post as to what the Owner's Manual says.

Nov 15, 2009
songs from comp to keyboard
by: Dick Rector

Hi Susan,

First of all I am not familiar with your keyboard but as it is a 'young' one, I hope I can put you at least on the right 'track.
Mind you, this is very general as done on most (newer) keyboards and maybe you have to look for the correct commands in your manual.

I take it you are talking about midi-files (songs)you have downloaded on your computer because handling MP3 or WAV-files is a complete different story.
You have to copy these midi-files to a USB-stick first.
Connect this stick to your keyboard and go to Function - Song - USB or something similar.
Now you should be able to see the songs on the USB-stick. Toggle to the song of your choice and activate it. Now it should start playing.
If it is in the wrong key for you, you have to transpose your keyboard or transpose the song.
Your manual will tell you how to do that.
If you can read music and the keyboard has the possibility to show the 'score', you can see the notes and accords played on a screen.

I hope for you someone on this forum knows more details about the EZ-200 and will give some extra support.

Good luck and regards
Bali (Indonesia)

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