how can I play garage band tunes on the ez 200?

by joe
(mendham, nj)

I would like to play midi files that I have downloaded to "garage band" back to the ez200 I have the usb and midisport and correct drives in place, but I get nothing in the keyboard.

Thanks for the help

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Jan 10, 2014
Thanks from Germany!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the good description of the set up. I could make my ez 200 play the garage band songs !

Jan 08, 2011
GarageBand and Yamaha Ez200
by: Tony

Ok, its a bit daft...

Swap over the MIDI cables so the IN from the USB cable goes to the OUT on the Ez200

You should see a keyboard icon, click on it
Under the keyboard there are two arrows, click on each in turn - one should make the EZ200 play a chord, the other should play clicks when you press EZ200 keys

Now install MIDIO which allows GarageBand to send MIDI OUT
Unzip the file and follow the READ ME instructions to set up GarageBand
If you have a new GarageBand (10 or 11) then click on the track then in the bottom right click blue i button
Click on the YELLOW ICON to the left that looks like a speaker
A pop up appears, under MIDI DESTINATION choose USB MIDI

On the EZ200 press FUNCTION until LOCAL appears, it will say ON
Press - on the EZ200 numberpad and it says OFF

Press the blue play button in GarageBand to start the track, that should now be playing through the EZ200

If there are no lights, press LIGHT ON/OFF

use the blue play button in GB to pause and the rewind/fwd buttons to move back through the song!

I hope that helps - took me a while to fix it out.

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