How can I make downloaded Midi files play on my Yamaha EZ200

by SD Sen Stan
(Rapid City, SD)

I have a MIDIPORT UNO USB-MIDI, loaded drivers on Windows 7

have connected USB, and Midi in and out on the EZ 20
Have downloaded MIDI Piano pieces from Classical Music Archives

When I play them, they play on the computer, not the EZ 200

What is wrong? What (if anything should I set on the EZ 200?)

On the midisport the midi in and usb lights are on.

SD State Senator Stan Adelstein

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Sep 05, 2011
To Dick Rector
by: gurol

To Dick Rector: why you keep on posting about EZ-200 when you have no knowledge about this particular model? Worse you even have no will to check what you are saying! As a result you simply CONFUSE and MISINFORM the people asking! First of all EZ-200 HAS NO USB CONNECTOR, nor floppy like "every keyboard has" (that's what you say). It has got only MIDI IN and OUT connectors, and if you want to connect EZ-200 to the PC you need some kind of MIDI interface on PC. As nowadays MIDI/joystick interfaces (available on older sound cards) are not available in 99% of PCs you need a USB to MIDI cable to do so (just as UX-16). AFAIK this instrument has no "flash memory" or at least no "user memory entries" in available song numbers list. In Yamaha comparison list it has got "NONE" in "available memory" column. What I don't know is what the Midi In port is for...maybe only for playback (w/o storing?).
PS. Sorry for my english, as I am not english spoken person.

Oct 25, 2010
connecting to computer
by: Dick Rector


I am not familiar with the EZ200 so I'm guessing. If the keyboard has an USB-port or hard- or floppydrive, why not copy them and load the midifiles directly into the keyboard's User-Area trough the medium available?
Midi on the computer sounds very thin anyway as you will hear 'only' the 127 GM (General-Midi)voices and NOT the XG- Mega- or even the SuperArticulated voices of Yamaha (if available on the keyboard). Unless you have a super soundcard in your PC and great speakers connected to it.
Hopefully someone else can give you more info.

Bali (Indonesia)

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