floppy disk midi files

by patrick lindo
(pittsburgh pa )

Our church had a yamaha clavinova piano that is broken. we have several mici files that were recorded from our piano. Is ther anyway someone can get these files transferred from the disks to a cd for us. The model is clavinova cvp 85a

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Mar 03, 2018
Transfer midi
by: Cheryl

I have an older clavinova cvp 301 a working floppy and older 3.3V SD card. How can I transfer my midi download. Thought a thumb drive would work. But keyboard sends me in a loop trying format the "disc"

Thanks in advance


Jan 01, 2012
I am back!
by: Daina At Our Savior

Hi, I think I was the 'anonymous poster' to this question. Got caught up with life and trying to keep my church music program going and didn't check back for your answer. Let me see if i can do better this time.

The old clavinova has a library of about 300-500 songs on floppy disks that are deteriorating with time and also the clavinova's loading arm is beginning to not work consistently. We have had that portion of the clavinova (drive and arm) replaced at least 3 times over the last 20 odd years. They are harder to find now, so we purchased the new clavinova.

It came with a mounted external floppy drive, a usb thumb drive, and i would assume a fairly large internal storage. The floppy drive doesn't play the old clavinova floppies. If it is able, maybe I just haven't figured it out yet. I do know that I don't want to reformat the disk as that would erase the songs.

What do you suggest I do to be able to play the songs that are recorded from the old clavinova onto the new clavinova? Thanks and thanks for answering an old lady named 'anonymous'. Happy New Year!.

Feb 14, 2010
Midi transfer
by: Dick Rector

Hello Anonymous,

Welcome to the forum. Glad you here!
Normally I never react on messages from people with no name but you must have forgotten to mention it.

I am afraid I don't clearly understand the problem. Must be the slow moving grey cells!
You can NOT transfer wav or mp3 into MIDI unless you have a soundstudio with expensive prof equipment.
The other way around, midi to wav or mp3, yes you can, and you did it with success in Audacity.
But as the original songs are recorded on a keyboard they are already in midiformat (extension xxx.MID) and you can play them on any other keyboard. If the other keyboard doesn't has a floppydrive you have only to transfer your midi's from floppy to a USB-flashdrive or whatever 'the other' keyboard can handle.
If you have a computer with NO floppydrive,you can buy an external floppydrive with an USB connection. They are cheap and it works! That is how I transferred my thousands of midi- and voice-files.

Hope this answers your question.
Let us know please.

Feb 14, 2010
Same problem different question
by: Anonymous

I have loaded a song from the floppy cvp 89 to audacity. It is in .wav format. Is there any format that can be loaded into a cvp 409? I would like to move our library of floppies off of the cvp 89 to the new cvp 409 that our church just purchased. I am a novice with music software, audacity was my first try.

Jan 28, 2010
transfer files.
by: Anonymous

Hello Patrick,

A few points to make clear first for people who want to do the same as you.

The music on the floppies are recorded as MIDI songs.
MIDI is NOT music but a sort of computerlanguage and it is a long stream of commands to tell the midi-instrument, what a keyboard is, what key should sound, what voice to use (piano, organ, violin), how long, how loud, vibrato yes or no etc. etc.
If you put a MIDI-song direct on a CD you can NOT play it as such! It has to be transferred into an audible format, WAV or MP3 as an example.

In your case Patrick, since this keyboard is broken (is it only the floppydrive?? let me know) you have to use/find another keyboard (not a computer!)with a working floppydrive.

Download for free a program called AUDACITY and install it on a computer.
Make a connection between keyboard HEADPHONE OUT (or LINE OUT if this keyboard has it) to PC soundcard LINE IN. Usually a cable with a small and a big stereo Jackplug!
Start AUDACITY by press RECORD (keep the default settings as they are)
You will see 2 channels on the screen ready to receive a signal.
Start play the song on the keyboard.
You have to try in the beginning with the volumeknob a bit to keep the 'PEAKS' within the lines. If you see this you will know what I mean.
When finished save the song as WAV OR MP3.
Now you can transfer the song(s) as usual and burn your CD.
Played on a good soundsystem you will be amazed by the quality.

Long story,I hope this helps you (and many others)
Don't hesitate if you have more questions to come back.
Please give some feedback if this puts you on the right track.

Bali (Indonesia)

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