Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) Replacement - Yamaha XF6

by Fran

Fixed Flat Cable - Yamaha XF6

Fixed Flat Cable - Yamaha XF6

Greetings - I have an XF6 that required a circuit board replacement. The board was easy to replace. That said, it has an FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) running from it to another board. These cables don't have a "hard" connector at each end. They use a plastic "stiffener" so that you can slide the cable into the connector on the board. The stiffener came off one end and that end is somewhat worn now. (See photos.) I would like to simply replace the cable with a new one.

The cable is 190mm end-to-end. Each end is a 30-pin conductor. The markings on the ribbon are:

E66085 AWM 20624 80c 60v VW-1 BANDO-S -F-

I can find similar generic cables with all of these markings EXCEPT WITHOUT the E66085. I assume the E66085 marking has some meaning.

Any help in identifying a source for this cable, along with any other information, would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Dec 14, 2022
Follow-up To My Original Post
by: Fran

Thanks for the reply!

I thought I would update the original post since it has a happy ending! :)

I contacted Yamaha first. They really wouldn't help me because the company line is: We can't help you with repairs and we recommend you contact an authorized service center. I guess your mileage can vary since I was able to get a new display board from them but when I contacted them a second time to get the cable that runs from the display board to the motherboard, I couldn't get any help. Maybe it depends on WHO you talk to.

In any case, I then contacted a few of the web-based keyboard parts vendors. I got nice responses from both Full Compass Systems and Keyboard Kountry. Each said they could get the cable and the cables were very reasonably priced: $7.50 and $5.50 respectively.

At those prices, I ordered two since they tend to be fragile. So, for under $15.00, I got two cables including shipping. It took about two weeks.

They worked perfectly and were an exact match to the cable beimng replaced. The keyboard is now back to full service!

I would recommend either of these two companies based on my experience with them.


Dec 14, 2022
Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) Replacement - Yamaha XF6 NEW
by: Anonymous

The E66085 marking on the cable indicates that it is a UL approved cable. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a safety certification company that tests and certifies products to ensure they meet certain safety standards.

You can try searching for a cable with the same specifications (length, number of pins, and markings) but without the E66085 marking. However, it is recommended to use a cable with the same UL approval to ensure the safety and compatibility of your keyboard.

You can try contacting the manufacturer of your keyboard, Yamaha, to see if they can provide a replacement cable with the E66085 marking. You can also try searching for the cable on electronic component websites or contacting a local electronics repair shop for assistance.

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