Experienced Piano player

by Julienne
(Dublin, Ireland)

I am a part-time piano teacher. I have just moved into an apartment where you cannot have a piano because of the noise. I have always been told by mother who is a professional classical pianist that these electronic piano's are just not as good for people who would be of my standard, however I am going nuts with no piano. Can anyone who has a lot of experience both playing the piano and playing one of these tell me whether it would be worth it for someone like me who is aiming to sit a professional classical qualification?THanks

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Jan 31, 2009
Buy a MO8
by: Matt Owen

Buy a Yamaha MO8!!! The action is incredible, the sound is incredible, and it has 88 weighted keys that feel GREAT! I'm not sure why the last person rambled on for so long about nothing. But there's my answer to your question. Don't sacrifice playing due to a noise ordinance in your complex... that's outrageous!

Jun 20, 2008
Keyboard vs piano
by: Anonymous

Dear Julienne,

I have both a spinet piano AND a portable keyboard..The portability is a factor. In your situation..you could play a keyboard using headphones to control the sound.

I find the keyboard delightful because of the various sounds one can play.. I have played with a group of people and used the different sounds for type of songs played.

I am now with a small group who play reed and brass instruments. I use the drum/rhythm accompaniment along with right hand melody and left hand chords.

I know exactly how you feel "without a piano," as I am the same way..
Wishing you the best outcome and delightful music


You can do it all manually (as in the piano) or add sounds to your heart's desire.

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