Experienced acoustic player needing apartment-friendly keyboard...Yamaha CLP-240?

by Marguerite

Hello! I've got a question regarding the CLP-240;

A bit of a backstory... I've been playing piano since I was very young. I inherited two acoustic pianos (an upright and a baby grand) but they're way too heavy to move into any apartment so they're at my parents' house until I end up with a home of my own. I hate having to go over there whenever I want to play but I've been hesitant to look at digital pianos because of the lack of emotional connection with the instrument.

I've recently realized that it would actually be nice to have something that's more portable to simply practice the notes; I also like to play by ear and it would be great to be able to play along with music that I'm listening to and have it at a low volume or use headphones. Recording ability would be awesome, too.

The day that I told my parents I was going to start looking for one my cousin sends out an email saying that she has a Clavinova CLP-240 that she's trying to sell. I haven't done a ton of research into digital pianos but this just seems serendipitous, especially since my major priority is for it to sound and feel like an acoustic and it seems like that's what they're known for.

SO, that leads me to a few questions:

1) She bought it for $500 used, didn't play it much, and is asking for that much for it. Is 500 a fair price if all is in working order? I believe it has all the original 'accessories' (bench, cover, dvd, ...)

2) Do they have a 'half-life'/degrade in quality over time? Or a point where it would be more of a value to find something a bit newer or offer her a bit less because it's changed hands a couple of times now?

3) Is there anything that would be a red flag or that would lessen the value once I see it/try it out? I'm having trouble finding that kind of info.

Thanks in advance for your help, I'm hoping to make a decision on this soon. Watching videos and reading all of this makes me really excited to be able to play whenever.


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Feb 24, 2017
Re keyboard
by: Terry Turner

Marguerite, My Yamaha has been used to record complete arrangements of many songs, then taken to Recording Studio and downloaded to mixing board, then recorded and a cd burned. These cd's have been sold and sent to radio stations plus many other location. The results of the mix from keyboard was good enough to use as backing tracks for my vocals. My point is IF A KEYBOARD IS LOOKED AFTER VERY WELL IT SHOULD LAST FOR MANY YEARS, if your going to get a digital keyboard, Yamaha is one of the best in a low cost app. Also there is a jack at rear to plug in headphones so its apartment friendly.

Feb 24, 2017
re purchase of keyboard
by: Terry Turner

Hi Marguerite, I own a Yamaha PSR 550 and it does everything that I need. I am a songwriter and use the keyboard to record what I write. It seems to be a very good brand of piano, and I have had it many years. It still works fine, but has been very well looked after. In regards to your Cousins offer it appears to me that she is NOT being very fair with you. She bought it used and now wants the same price that she paid for it. I DONT THINK SO???
Who knows if it was abused before she bought it, and to expect what she paid from a family member is NOT in keeping with family friendship.
Yes buy a Yamaha, but a more simple one similar to what I have, and you will be saving much money AND be happy with it.

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