Electric Yamaha Piano

Is an electric Yamaha piano right for you?

Whether they like it or not, most folks just can't afford an acoustic piano. For those folks, a Yamaha electric piano is the answer. By having one, they're able to get important acoustic piano features at very low prices.

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Yamaha manufactures a range of electric pianos such as the YDP113, YDP223, P60, P90, P120 and P250.

One thing I like about electric Yamaha pianos (keyboards) like the P120 and P250 is their portability. Can you really keep transporting that acoustic piano back and forth? With a Yamaha electric piano like the P120 and P250 the problem of portability is eliminated. Two additional portable ones are the P60 and the P90. The YDP113 and YDP223 do not fall under the portable yamaha keyboard category.

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All of these Yamaha digital pianos come with 88 keys just like an acoustic piano and have what is called a Graded Hammer Effect. With this effect, the keys are heavier in the bass and lighter in the higher register, just like a grand piano. This is certainly necessary in an electric piano.

When buying a Yamaha piano, you should pay attention to the weight of the keys. The best acoustic piano substitutes should have keys which are as heavy as that of an acoustic. This is very important if you're trying to get piano training and you need to develop strength in your fingers.

On the other hand, some folks do not intend to be piano players and their main interest is to play regular keyboards. To those folks, weighted keys are less important.

You shouldn't have a problem finding a Yamaha electric piano that meets your needs. Yamaha offers quite a wide range for you to choose from. My choices for a good Yamaha piano for the home or school are either the YDP113 or the YDP223. You can choose either of these depending on your budget. When it comes to good stage pianos, the Yamaha P120 and the Yamaha P250 are excellent choices.

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