Disk Orchestra Collection floppy disks are now useless

by Robert Campbell
(Millsboro, DE USA)

I was an early Clavinova fan. I have owned a CVP 200 series, a 300 series, a 400 series, and now CVP 507. I did no5 keep the older models, either trading up or donating. Over years, I have spent a lot of money on floppy disks and books. Many of these old disks still work on an external floppy drive I connected via USB to my 507. But many of my various favorites that I would play for hours, I learned, were created with some proprietary software that makes the disks unreadable by any standard floppy drive. Granted they were concerned about copying, I get it. But none of these titles seem to be available in any other format. I already own the books, all I want are the song files that I can load onto flashdrive to play on my 507.

I even thought about trying to find an old floppy drive spare part from a 300 series instrument. Depending on location, some 300 series instruments were sold with an optional drive. But I cannot find any of these drives.

I have also searched for software that today can read and extract the song files into midi or other common sequencer format. No luck there either.

Any help? Suggestions?

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Apr 26, 2021
Problem Solved
by: Anonymous

Hard to believe but I found a company that was able to convert the Disc Orchestra Collection (DOC) disks to midi files that work perfectly in modern CVP keyboards. They converted 15 of my disks, placed them on a thumb drive, and sent me files vis Dropbox. While most of my other Yamaha floppys still wirk in any external floppy drive DOC discs would not. If you need this service, contact Nalbantov Electronics Ltd. Now the hundreds of dollars I spent on all my DOC discs and music is available for my use in my CVP 500 series instrument.

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