Disk format extension

by Anne Brookfield
(Cyprus (ex UK))

Can I record FROM a CD (instrumental accompanyment) on to Mp3 format and then onto a floppy disk and play it in the Disk section of my CLP 970?

Anne Brookfield

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Dec 12, 2009
format extension
by: Dick Rector

Hello Anne,

Sorry no, your keyboard was released in 2000 and has no possibilities to play other 'music' than midi* Only the newer (higher) midrange an hi-end keyboards can handle mp3 or wav files.

*Midi is in fact NOT music but a 'computer' language, a stream of commands that tells the keyboard what to do. Which instrument, what key, how loud, how long etc.
To be able to transfer MP3 or WAV files into, for your keyboard understandable 'language', you need to be a technician with good and specialized equipment.

If you are looking for a specific melody or style you can try to have a look at psrtutorial.com and you can find really TONS of styles and thousands of midi-files free to download.

Hope this answers your question.
Dick Rector
Bali (Indonesia)

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