Differences between Yamaha DGX 620 and YPG 625?

I want to purchase a keyboard for my 5 yr-old granddaughter who is taking piano lessons and can't figure out the difference between the DGX620 and the YPG625, is there any difference besides the model #? I live in Canada and have not been able to find any YPG 625 and no one seems to know about it.


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Oct 24, 2008
620-625 difference
by: ijb, Philippines

Main difference is that YPG 625 has midi in/out port (is where you connect midi interface cable). DGX 620 doesn't have this capability.



Apr 04, 2008
Differences between Yamaha DGX 620 and YPG 625
by: RussG

I have posed this question to Yamaha Customer Support, and received the following reply:

"Regarding your inquiry, the specification for DGX-520 and YPG-525 is exactly same. Only the difference is the color; Silver for DGX-520, Champagne Gold for YPG-525."

Mar 16, 2008
there is no difference
by: Anonymous

as far as i can see it is just a different number and from what i saw it is to do with the region you are in central america uses the ypg. well thats what i have found

Mar 14, 2008
The diference between DGX 620 and 625
by: Anonymous

The Yamaha DGX 620 is a less expensive version of the DGX 625.

The DGX 620 does not have weighted key like a real piano, the keys are lighter.

The other thing is that the DGX 620 has one or two less electronic functions that you may never learn how to use anyways.

that's it.

Jan 28, 2008
Different model #'s
by: Anonymous

I understand that they are the same keyboard. The YPG625 is sold in the US, the DGX620 in Europe, and apparently Canada too :-) Keep checking around, I'm not 100% sure. I just went through the specs and they all seem to match.

Dec 11, 2007
Difference between Yamaha DGX and YPG keyboards.
by: Mantius Cazaubon

There is absolutely no difference between the Yamaha DGX620 and the YPG625 except for their names.

It just depends on what distribution channel it comes through. Mass market retailers like Best Buy, Circuit City, COSTCO call it the DGX 620 while specific Musical Instrument dealers such as Guitar Center and Musician's Friend refer to it as the YPG 625.

It also depends on the country where it is sold, so this is probably why no one you've talked to seems to know about it.

The same holds for the DGX220 (YPG225) and the DGX520 (YPG525). No differences whatsoever. Just different names.

All the best.

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