CVP-207 CIRCUIT BOARD V7160400 DM CVP207. Or substitute


Urgent need to get the replacement of the motherboard of my CVP-207

CIRCUIT BOARD V7160400 DM CVP207. Or substitute

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Mar 29, 2023
DM board 207/209
by: Anonymous

Yamaha only make the 209 one year yes 207 and 209 boards are the same but the EPROMs are different ie; the hard OS and feachers. Sorry if there are typos can not read the post in the typing box to small LOL

Dec 21, 2020
CVP 900 Piano Requires New DM board (aka motherboard)
by: Monique

Hello From Canada;
In the summer of 2017 my CVP 900 Baby Grand Piano had an issue with the DM board (aka motherboard).

It began with a crackling squelch in the Right Side speaker, which resulted in the right side speaker eventually not working at all.

I contacted the head office for Yamaha in the USA and here in Canada, which was a total waste of time. To be brutally blunt, they have absolutely no interest in helping anyone find a way to repair a gorgeous sounding instrument, by selling you the necessary part. And expect that one should purchase new instruments, when all is required is a simple part. They expect that one will take their non-working instrument to the landfill. My CVP 900 Baby Grand Piano is in mint condition with not even as much as a scratch on it. It looks the same today as when I purchased it. It's a ten thousand dollar piano.

Anyway.... Luckily, I found a service centre in the state of Florida named Jaydon Electronics that was able to repair the DM board (aka motherboard). I sent it there via FedEx and it has been working great up and until a few days ago. The same issue has transpired again, leaving me in need of a repair.

Hence, I thought it would be prudent to try and purchase the DAC Chips for the DM Board and try and find someone here in Canada to do the job, as it is very expensive to ship the board to the USA to get it repaired.

Does anyone know if there is anyone in Canada that can successfully do this kind of repair or know where I might be able to find the DAC Chips or better yet, a brand new DM board (aka motherboard).

Any assistance would be immensely appreciated.
Thank you kindly....

Jan 14, 2020
Solution to your problems is Tony Crump.
by: Anonymous

Tony Crump in brierly hill dudley west midlands is a yamaha tech and fitted a new keyboard to my cvp 207. Tony seemed very knowledgable about most tyes of keyboard. His phone number is probably on yell or yellow pages try googling him. He does all sorts of keyboard instruments and to fit a new keyboard he charged me £60 about 4 years ago. Anybody who is going to charge you more than £300 to fix your instrument is robbing you unless the display board is bad that was about £400 according to yamaha. I fix my own instruments but I do not want to do it for a living sorry.

Tony crump phone number is 01384 70695 Cheers.

Bob Johnson. B Ed Technology and Design HNC Electrical Engimeering City and Guilds Electronics.

Jan 16, 2016
Board Problem
by: Anonymous

After 5 to 7 minutes of playing, we get loud static. What board is involved. It seems to be coming from the right side of the piano. Would love to have name of someone in the Sarasota Fl area who knows boards and can fix.....or do we buy the complete board....if so, from where??

Jul 21, 2014
Yamaha CVP209 problems
by: Anonymous

Jared and Telmsar
What I meant to say was - ready to help if you still have problems. Depending where you are in UK, could come and look.

Jul 17, 2014
CVP 209 problems
by: Clavinova fan

Jared - do you still have the old DM board? Sounds like you should be careful about further investment before being clear what is wrong. It should be possible for a competent tech to diagnose the problem much closer than you have experienced.

Telmar, same comments really but have you done all the obvious checks - midi in/out, etc. The Aux in just drive the analogue audio so does not prove anything other than that.

I have been through the fire with a 209 and have it working after a fashion - now know too much about the inner (not)workings!

Jun 24, 2014
Yamaha CVP 209 with no output
by: Telmar

I have the same problem. No output when you play
a key or start a song but AUX in is working.
Does anybody know a solution ?

Jun 09, 2014
CVP 209
by: Jared

£5500 10 or more years ago & now this beautiful piece of kit is knackered!! First the left channel stopped working & then almost two years ago right channel stopped working. Have had a guy for over a year now trying to fix it but he's just so unreliable atm. First it was definitely the mother board well over £2000, but then when he changed that still the same & now it's the power supplies to each Amp, the left & right have a separate power supply. This he said was going to be an easy cheap fix £70 plus labour. haven't heard from him for months but now all of a sudden another £1800 not £70. I have studied electronics & can repair any mobile phone screen going so how hard can this power supply replacement be please?? Is it simply plug & play? Are they just self contained units that can be taken out, unplugged & replaced? How easy to source please? My son will be home soon from 2yrs Christian voluntary work & will be going to Uni. He needs this, my wife needs this as she teaches Piano to friends for very little money. The CVP served my son well he got an A star in GCSE & an A at A Level music with the aid of our trusty CVP 209. Please help???

Jan 05, 2012
Repairing CVP-207 Circuit Board DM
by: Ulllerich

I changed those 3 Chips, the 2 DAC´s and the OP.
The demo I started is now even with full loudness nearly unhearable but is identifiable.
The digital part therefore seems to work correctly. A test signal on the OP´s input produces a normal sound. Voltages all Ok.
So- what else can I try?

Dec 06, 2011
Request the parties to Yamaha of Japan.
by: Bernal

Find your Yamaha dealer and request the parties to Yamaha of Japan.
Only they have the specific parts.

Nov 21, 2011
same problem
by: ulllerich

It seems I have simular problems now. Nobody wants to repair that board (only 6 years old).
Where can I buy those 3 chips?

Nov 08, 2010
Successful repair. CVP-207 has regained its luster and sound


Successful repair.
Very happy

My clavinova 207 has regained its luster and sound.

Thanks to the work of Mr. William Marin. Excellent Yamaha Electronic Engineer in my country.

Attachment: Photo of the IC (IC28, IC29, IC43) and DM.

*Excuse my English is not my first language.

Oct 27, 2010
f true Yamaha are really not playing fair with their customers.
by: Anonymous

If true Yamaha are really not playing fair with their customers.

Disgraceful that a £3000 product can be left unusable ten years into it's life with no product support. What if these ics dont fix it? What do Yamaha propose to do for us then?

Oct 22, 2010
Locate and replace damaged integrated IC28, IC29, IC43
by: Anonymous

Excuse my English is not my first language.
Yamaha has informed me that no DM in existence.
Yamaha always said that for 10 years would have parties. However, your warranty has changed.
The solution offered is to repair the DM. Locate and replace damaged integrated IC28, IC29, IC43: (The part numbers are: XP551A0R (2 required) and X7351A00)
There are parts for the CVP-209 but indicate that DM is incompatible with some features of the CVP-207. It's strange, is the same board and I think it would be easy to make compatible

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