creating my own chords

by joseph


its of great pleasure that i write to you. How can i create my own chords and develop my musical ears.

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Nov 10, 2009
Creating Chords
by: Alfred

Dear Joseph: I'm not a musician, I do not even know how to read music, but as I understand it, there exists a clearly defined number of Chords in music to cover (Western) Melodies. It is possible that you are trying to create chords to match melodies of a different type, If so, it may be of interest to other members of this Forum to learn from whatever responses you get. Keep well.

Nov 10, 2009
own chords?
by: Dick Rector

Hello Joseph,

A bit difficult to answer your question.
All none chords are 'created' already, but if you mean how you can learn to play them the answer is: study!
If you can study, play and remember 3 chords a week, within 2 months you know more chords than a lot of professionals do (or ever use!).
At the same time you develop your 'musical ears' as you call it, by carefully listening to the differences in chords and listen to other performers when, where and how and why they use them.
You did not mentioned your model keyboard but if you have a manual you can find ALL the possible chords the keyboard can handle in it.

I hope this answers your question.

Nov 15, 2009
creating own chords.
by: steve

Great question.
Spend lots of time listening to music, as I am sure you already do, then try to imitate everything that you hear. Create a way to remember what notes you are playing on your keyboard and make your own library of notes or chords. If this is new to you start out with simple ideas.
Also, experiment on your keyboard with notes and chords that you like to hear. Start out with just a few notes and then build on what you like.
Again, create a way for you to remember what you are playing. In this way you will be creating your own style. I believe there is no right or wrong.
Just have fun with it...

Dec 27, 2010
Learning Chords
by: Anonymous

Chords,mainly consist of 3 or 4 notes.They can be grouped into families eg a major to a minor to a major to a seventh.In laymans terms use a C chord the major, consisting of notes CEG .The minor in this case Am consisting of notes ACE.Back to the major F consisting of notes FAC followed by the 7th in this case G7 consisting of FGBD notes.Summarise Chords C-Am-F-G7 practice those in that order.If you want to learn more chords simply move each note up a semi tone i.e chord C sharp(C#) is C#FG# and so on.

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