Crayon in headphone jack, now no sound

I have a CLP-250.

My daughter put a crayon in the headphone jack a few years ago and from that point on, no sound came out. I removed the crayon, probably bending the prongs some, still no sound from speakers or headphones.

I used MIDI for some time, then decided to take a look. I opened the case, removed the headphone jack circuit board, de-soldered the prongs, and took it apart. I think I have the prongs in the correct shape for it to work now, but it still doesn't after putting it all back together.

I was hoping I could disconnect the whole thing and just use the speakers, but this does not work either. I suspect that there has to be some sort of connection made as there are 5 wires, not 3.

Any advice? I didn't find anyone around who fixes these and would have to drive it a couple hours to get someone to take a look. I don't want to spend a lot on it either since I could get a better piano cheaper than this one brand new now.

I do wish the service manuals were online.....

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Jun 27, 2010
Headphone Jack vs Crayon
by: Alfred

Dear ?????:

1) Know that the Headphone circuit is separate from the Built-in Speaker circuit, and that it automatically cuts off the Speaker circuit when in use.

2) If prongs of your unit’s JACK were bent during removal of the crayon, use your headphones PLUG to check if the contact points along its shaft coincide (and MAKE CONTACT) with each of the spring-loaded contact points of the JACK. Note that the PLUG shaft has three separate sections; tip, waist and main section, separated by
insulator belts. If you applied these observations when you did the repair, you passed
the first part of your test.

3) I hope you did not use a SOLDERING GUN as its transformer could have affected some circuitboard component(s). If you resoldered all points and wires correctly WITH NO COLD SOLDER JOINTS, you passed the second part of your test.

4) Ebay may sometimes have some Yamaha Service Manuals, but don’t go believing Yamaha is naïve. They charge for Service manuals to make money from us.

5) I do not suggest buying a new instrument yet without checking all the above.

My info does not come cheap. You now owe me a penny, which you can repay by identifying yourself and your location, so I can feel I’m communicating with a “real” guy! Come back if you need further help. In the meantime, keep well. Thanks for visiting us.

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