Copying styles and voices to another keyboard

by Mike Burke

I have a new PSR S910.

I used to use a PSR 2100 that has some good styles and voices that I would love to copy to the PSR S910.
Is this possible and if so how do I do it?
I would realy welcome any help.

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Nov 07, 2023
Copying style NEW
by: Shubhanshu

It's possible to copy styles in pendrive

Sep 20, 2016
Copy style to other keyboard
by: Kiran

Hi I have psri455 with me, now I want to copy the voice and styles to psr 413 can any body help me out how can I copy those.

Jun 12, 2016
trasfering beats and making them play

i have a psr 900 and psr750so was transfering beats from 750-900 successfully,but the issue is the 900 does not play those beats,it reads"you have improperly intalled the beats" so what might be the problem? HELP HELP HELP

Apr 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thanks for that Dick, but I am having trouble finding a driver to transfer the files to the computer.
I am a real dunce when it comes to computers and the internet so please be gentle with me.

Apr 22, 2010
copying styles and voices
by: Dick Rector


Transfer your voices and styles to a medium, (floppy, usb or whatever)
Copy them onto a computer (in case of a floppy) and transfer them to a USB-stick and from there into the user area's of the PSR910(use the style area and the voice area)
If you want them to be updated to the fantastic mega- and super articulated-voices etc on the PSR910, download from PSRTUTORIAL.COM the free softwareprogram MIDIPLAYER by Michael Bedesem(first the whole package and than the latest update)
That will give you an optimal adjustment to your voices and styles for the PSR910.
Have a good look on that forum too, you can download TONS of voices and styles for free.

Hello Rita, thank you for joining the forum.
Most welcome!!
If it helps, for a manual you don't have to Google but can go straight to YAMAHA.CO.JP/MANUAL/ENGLISH/INDEX.PHP and download one in PDF-format.
Most manuals are available even for quite a bit older model keyboards.

Hope this helps you both 'on the right track'.


Apr 22, 2010
transferring styles and voices
by: Rita

If your keyboar has a ROM that you can store to, you should be able to put the style on your pc and then transfer...
It should tell you in the user manual.
I can't remember the name of the music program that it says to use to download styles and voices, but I am assuming that you can upload from one psr to your pc and then download to the other.
I hope this is helpful.
p.s if you don't have a user manual, I used google to search for one and printed it off.
good luck

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