Compareable to CVP 94

by Doug

My wife recently played an older clavinova at a church, a cvp 94. She really like the features, but I see they no longer make it. Which model is most similiar to it? The one feature she really liked was being able to adjust the levels of the different voices independently. Thanks for your help.

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Jan 09, 2017
Disket continuous play.
by: Joe gorman

It only plays one song at a time. How can I have entire disk play without stopping between songs.

Oct 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your suggestion. My wifs is still looking, but we will certianly take you advice and check out the 500 series.

Sep 28, 2010
CVP 94
by: Billy Los Angeles

I currently own a Clavinova CVP-94 and am interested in selling it or trading it in for a new Clavinova CVP - 500 series, prefer a CVP - 509 Rosewood. Currently the Clavinova has the CVP 400 and CVP 500 servies. I like my CVP 94. When I bought it, back in the 90's it was the top of the line, which came with a floppy disk drive which I still use today, but the new 500 series has internet connection and USB port for storing your songs or playing them.

Aug 17, 2010
by: Doug

I appreciate your help. I do understand the importance of getting the hands on feel, but thought just maybe we could narrow down the search. Thanks for the dealer information. We will check into the best options.
Thanks and keep up the great work.

Aug 12, 2010
Comparable model to CVP 94
by: Alfred

Dear Doug: Thanks for contacting us. This forum is not an arm of the Yamaha Corp., and our discussions center on units we own/play. It is unlikely that among our participants there is anyone who has played the CVP 94 and another model “most similar to it”. I think your best course of action is to do two things: a) search on Ebay for a used CVP 94 (make sure it is in 100% guaranteed working condition and carries a “Return Option”), or b) contact Yamaha directly at the following URL to see if there is a Dealer in your area. The second choice should enable your better half to get a hands-on feel for the closest suitable model. Only she can tell which model is worth considering. I hope my suggestions are helpful. Good luck.

For local dealer go to:

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