Guide to Choosing Yamaha Clavinovas

Clavinovas - the first Yamaha digital pianos continue to revolutionize the music industry. If you're looking for a digital instrument which is truly competent at reproducing the tone and touch of a real acoustic piano, you've found it.

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The piano sounds that are produced by Yamaha clavinovas sound so original. It's almost as if you're playing an acoustic piano. With effects like soundboard resonance, string resonance and damper resonance, you get a sound which is very realistic.

The Graded Hammer action of these Yamaha digital pianos make them even more real. Like an acoustic piano, the hammer size varies from the lower to the upper registers. Heavier in the bass and lighter in the higher ranges. Yamaha Clavinovas such as the CVP900 and CLP990/175 come with real wooden keys that adequately reproduce the touch of acoustic counterparts.

You will benefit from several awesome features. Their touch response feature can be varied depending on your personal preferences. Unlike acoustic pianos, they never go out of tune, they are quite portable (relatively speaking), and they can be directly connected to electronic equipment like amps, mixers and computers.

More and more people are choosing this type of digital piano over acoustic ones. Maybe you too can be one of these happy people. The many advantages to be derived from choosing these digital pianos make them truly worthwhile. You can choose between the CLP series or the CVP series. Compare different ones and decide.

Apart from regular piano sounds, you get additional voices such as organ, electric piano, harpsichord, strings, choir and vibes. Some Clavinovas come with an AWM tone generator which gives you access to over 700 voices! If you're looking for features such as MIDI, sequencers and built-in drum machines, you've found it.

Hats off to Yamaha for creating such an impressive digital instrument!

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