Clavinova CVP-5 Disk ( Memory card )

by Fred

A yamaha Clavinova CVP 5

A yamaha Clavinova CVP 5

I have a new Clavinova CVP-5 !!! It is old but never used . I am missing the memory card that inserts to the key board . Anyone has an idea where I can get one . Thanks



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Sep 19, 2018
CVP-5 Disk (ROM)
by: Anonymous

Shirley, now (2018) someone has one of these that can be "cloned"? The same quest has now just begun here. Somebody... please?

Aug 26, 2014
Clavinova CVP-5 memory card
by: Roger Charles

Fred, this is a tough one. This is a 1985 Clavinova, right? A lot of years there. Hopefully someone will be able to help.

Have you tried a local music store? I see some being sold at ebay but they are for newer models.

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