certain keys have stopped working

by Stuart
(London, UK)

A few keys on my keyboard are not working anymore. On C4 its F# and G, on C5 its D, F and G#.

How can i get those working again?

Im using a PSR-275


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Dec 28, 2017
PSR1455 model NEW
by: Granny Lettie

All C c# stopped working for days!
I read this thread and just pressed on C key hard and continuously for 1 minute.
All keys working perfectly immediately!

Thank you so much!!!

Sep 11, 2017


Aug 20, 2017
PSR 520 rubber membrane replacement
by: Walter

I cleaned the contract strip on my PSR 520 but see that the orange rubber membrane for the contact of the low E is worn and broken -- specifically, the ring around the "nipple" for that low E key. The key played again for a while but I guess the nipple (with the contact for the contract strip) got squished out of alignment again. So now the E is dead again. I would like to buy a new membrane strip but don't see parts for the 520. Does anyone know if the rubber membranes for other models of the PSR would fit in the 520. Maybe the models just before or after the 520?

Jul 03, 2017
PSR 240
by: Anonymous

G and F#note stopped working in every ocative. What to do now????

May 14, 2017
Just hit it! Hard!
by: Champ

We have a PSR-275 and last week it stopped playing every G key.
Today we found this thread and it mentioned rapping on it. So we took one of the kids large dragon toys and just wailed on it a few times. Now it works just fine. Problem solved. Thanks!

Jan 31, 2017
Dead keys same all octaves
by: Anonymous

The b flat and e keys stop playing then they play sometimes I have to rap it on top but it always comes back or it won't work then I bring it Some and it work s

Jun 07, 2015
Yamaha PSR-275
by: Larry F

Hi all,
I was given one of these keyboards for my 9yo Daughter. It had a few keys that did not work.
I am an electronics tech and the first thing I did was remove the rubber keypad membrane and give the little "black" buttons attached to the rubber membrane a firm quick rub with a cloth with alcohol(or methylated spirits will do). I also wiped over the PCB contacts gently with the alcohol and cloth. allow a few minutes to dry and reassemble taking care to carefully lay the rubber membrane back into position correctly. Make sure all the membrane sits flat(very important). Use this opportunity to clean out dust and fluff from the area. These type of rubber black buttons are found in TV remotes, cordless phones etc and the remedy is the same. The rubber is impregnated with a conductive material, but after time the rubber deteriorates and the conductive material is no longer effective. Giving the button a rub with a cloth and alcohol rubs away the perished rubber and exposes fresh conductive material. Problem solved.

Larry F, Townsville Australia

Dec 06, 2014
easy to fix
by: Anonymous

I also have a 275 keyboard. didn't use it for a while; more than 6 months. 5 keys stopped working. Removed all screws on the bottom including the2 long ones in the battery compartment, really lifted up on the white plastic tabs on the battery wire, disconnected that wire, lifted up on the white tabs that attach the keyboard to the processor, situated those 2 flat cables (be careful not to bend the tips of the wires), then there are 2 contact boards under the keys. Don't have to remove any more screws at this point. There are large black clips and small black clips holding the board in place. I only had 1 go out, it was the upper register. Gently push in on the small black plastic clips starting at the outside and move in while gently lifting up on the board. It will easily come out. Be careful with it. I used a Qtip and acetone free mail polish remover and cleaned all the little rubber contacts and also the black pads on the board. I took the wires off the board before I took it out btw. Assembly is the opposite of above. Very simple. Only need a Phillips screw driver to perform this. All keys worked perfect afterwards. Good

Jul 15, 2014
how to fix my key
by: Anonymous

Hi I have a yamaha keyboard which has some keys not working. Some times it makes sound and sometime's it dead so if u knw any solution to this pleas do advise

Feb 28, 2012
key sound issues
by: Anonymous

first thing i would try is a reset of your keyboard, turn off, push + - and turn back on..it solve my problem..

Feb 20, 2012
Fixed this same problem for myself
by: Sully

I had this same issue with all of my F# and G keys. I was able to fix it pretty easily. I unscrewed all of the screws on the bottom (don't forget the two inside the battery compartment). The case opens easily and then you can disconnect the cable that connects the battery compartment to the main board (this just lets you operate a little bit easier).

I then cleaned a lot of white residue off the piece where the key presses against the belt - I was shocked at how much build-up there was in there. I used a screwdriver wrapped in a soft cloth to wipe each key down then blew the whole thing out with compressed air. After doing this, the keys all started working again. Hope this helps!

Jul 13, 2010
Yamaha PSR 275 Keys
by: Alfred

Dear Stuart: I own a PSR 273 which is the same as your PSR 275. Apart from that, I believe your unit has deteriorating rubber underlay pads, and would recommend you contact.....................
Puretech Solutions, UK ? (Yamaha-approved Tech. Svce. www.puretechsolutions.co.uk ..............

Have Model and Serial number at hand, and explain your problem. Hopefully they can help. If there is any charge(s)for any repair(s), it should be well worth the investment, so that you can continue enjoying your keyboard. Good luck.

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