Cannot remember piece title - Yamaha CVP-105 3-1/2 in floppy disk

by Thomas
(Northampton PA)

I had a CVP-105 Clavinova which came with a dozen or so floppy disks of 3-1/2 in size.

There was one song I absolutely idolized in this collection years ago, it was at a very fast tempo in key of C minor. It was cleverly arranged to begin and end in a classical style with an interlude in a jazz style.

I have been spending many hours surfing trying to find the title of this piece, or some way to recover the midi file for it, either from floppy disk or other media.

I would be quite pleased also to get a sheet music version. As I recall, Yamaha included this library in a book which was either purchased separately or included.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks so very much.

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