Can I save what I play on the keyboard to an MP3 file?

by tippy
(richmond, va)

I am a member of a women's barbershop quartet and I need to learn music. I learn best by listening to the music, but I do not play the piano. I want to be able to give my music sheet to someone who does, have them play it on their keyboard and save the results into an MP3 that I can move to a CD or ipod and listen to it later. Can keyboards do this?

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Mar 08, 2012
I use a cd recording machine
by: Kerri

Hi there. Don't know if this will help but here goes anyway. If you have a CD machine that is capable of recording, you can, using an audio cable (red and white)from your audio OUT of your keyboard to the audio IN of your CD recorder, record your music straight onto a recordable CD. It will be in WMA format but plays back brilliantly. If the format is a problem for you, as it can be if you need to upload sometimes in MP3 format, then when you rip your created CD to your computer (in the usual manner) you then need to convert the track into MP3. This can be done with any number of FREE software downloads that you can find on the internet, but I find the best for me is called 'Freemake Video Convertor'. Don't be confused by it's title it does a straightforward audio to MP3 conversion, as well as a host of other cool stuff. Hope this helps.

Jun 20, 2009
Recording on a computer from a keyboard
by: Anonymous

If your equipment is not midi equipped you can just use a mini phone jack cable to connect the headphone jack from the keyboard to the sound input on the back of the computer. There is a free program called Audacity which you can download and record with. Start with a low volume from your keyboard so you don't overmodulate. Audacity does not directly convert to MP3, but their instructions tell you how to do it. Once you have it hooked up it works great. Make sure the waves on the screen are just within the lines and it will sound good.

Apr 23, 2008
by: Tyler

Keyboards with MIDI ports can do this. You have to get a MIDI connector, there is a UX-16 MIDI connector with USB for computer. (Or you can have MIDI-MIDI, if your computer has a soundcard wtih it's own MIDI port).

Once you have downloaded the driver for your MIDI connector your computer will understand it. Then you have the ability to record directly to the computer.

Depending one what sound file it is saved as you can convert later to an mp3 with a program called dbpoweramp.

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