Calypso style needed for Yamaha PSR 550

by Terry Turner
(Ft. Lauderdale Florida. USA)

I own a Yamaha PSR 550 and am searching to find the Calypso style that can be loaded into the keyboard from a "style disk". I am a British songwriter living in Ft. Lauderdale Florida USA. I have tried all sources and suggestions without success.

At this point in time I am prepared to pay for the disk, BUT it must be produced or copied from a Yamaha PSR 550 "OR" a compatible keyboard. Meaning if someone is capable of "CREATING" this style maybe on a PSR 550 then making a disk in same keyboard it would be worth your time and trouble BECAUSE MANY PEOPLE WILL WANT TO BUY IT.
Would you be kind enough to contact me direct my name is Terry Turner
THANK YOU.......

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