Buying tips for a used Yamaha CLP 920

by Brian

HI I am looking to buy a used Yamaha CLP 920 for my 9yr old kid. I am an absolute novice and would appreciate what are the basic things I need to look into before buying. What should I check for?

Besides what would be the best price considering that it is a used instrument?
Also is there any other model which you would like to recommend for a starter.
emanil me at enliven22@yahoo

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Sep 21, 2010
second hand prices not discussed
by: Dick Rector

Hi Brian,

Prices are difficult to discuss as they are very different in various country's. It all comes to budget and how much you are willing to spend.

A few general points however buying a second hand keybard:
First of all play ALL the demo sounds on the keyboard if available so you can hear the voices.
Play yourself if you can or let someone else do it and check that ALL the keys are working as they should.
Does it comes complete with powersupply, musicstand and manual, pedals or whatever is right for this model.
Most important of course is also: do you like the look of this one and the sound of the various voices.

Other possibilities:
The CVP is a large arranger keyboard with 88 keys with key-action. It has good piano-sounds and can do most as, for example a PSR S910 can do but is not very portable.

The CLP however is a digital PIANO and NOT an arranger keyboard, it has no styles and no accompaniment. It has also less voices but does have all the midi voices build in to play external midi-songs but they can NOT be played from the keyboard itself.
It is cheaper than the CVP.

The PSR E223 is a very basic keyboard with little possibilities. The keys are NOT touch-sensitive and you can not load external files.

PSR E413 and PSR 423 are very good 61 key starter keyboards and as the 423 is a ‘light’ arranger keyboard you can load and ‘tweak’ external styles etc.

If you are not familiar with keyboards, this sounds maybe complicated but this is what I have for you.


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