Blown power input

by Susan
(West Virginia)

I lent my psr 240 keyboard out and it came back with 6 D batteries...why? they blew the power input. Anyone know if that input dock can be replaced? by whom? do you think it will cost more than the keyboard is worth to replace for a whole new one?

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Sep 05, 2009
Adaptor Jack
by: Alfred

Dear Susan: I apologize for overlooking the box (to enter my name)so the message said Anonymous. Also sorry for typos. I appreciate your responding so that the Forum can continue to be a good learning source. One final comment, you sure are plucky and did what you could to attempt a cure for the problem. Now, go no further as it's time to find the right REPUTABLE technician. Good luck, and thanks again.

Sep 04, 2009
Reply to Anonymous
by: Susan

Dear Anonymous....Thanks! The jack is definitely know that little pin in the middle? It's gone. I confess to using a utility knife to carve around the jack, then a hammer to tap it loose. So, it's, to find a techy to sodder in a new jack (assuming they have new ones.) I think I've found a technician at a music store, but as you note....I need to know the bench fee.

Sep 04, 2009
PSR 240 Power Source
by: Anonymous

Dear Susan: You assert that the Jack (Docking Port)of your keyboard is defective and want to know if it can be replaced. Obviously yes. You probably are you sure it isn't just dirty and requires a modest squirt with electronic contact cleaner or a gentle swabbing with a Q-tip soaked in that product. I take it you are also that the Power Adaptor you use is in good condition.
Your unit was introduced by Yamaha in 1997, so it's probably still worth a "reasonable" investment for repair by a pro. This of course is advisable if, for example, the charges are "acceptable" (to you)as compared to the going rates for a more modern (even if used) keyboard from Ebay,or other source. Just make sure whatever you buy is guaranteed by the seller to be IN WORKING CONDITION witha return option.
Please post a follow-up to my suggestions. This Forum will be beneficial to other participants for this favor. Good luck.

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