Behringer Keyboard Amp Buying Guide

Let's take a look at Behringer keyboard amps. In particular we shall discuss the popular Behringer KX1200 Keyboard Amp/PA System and Behringer KT108. They sell for about $199.99 and $59.99 respectively.

If all you want is a simple, basic, cheap keyboard amplifier, you may consider something like the KT108. It has 15 watts of power. This isn't much power, but some people don't need more than that.

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Many of today's workstations don't come with internal speakers, so you need to connect them to some form of amplification. If all you want is something in which you can hear yourself play, a small amplifier like this one is perfect. You don't have to spend much more. Of course, you can connect other instruments like drum machines, guitars, and microphones to it. There's also a CD input. Shop for a Behringer keyboard amp here.

This Behringer keyboard amp is portable and thus has an advantage over bigger counterparts. When small size is crucial, wherever a small sound system is needed, this may be all you need. You can use it for rehearsal or carry it along with you easily. You may also like to check out other brands before making a decision.

Then there's the more powerful 120-Watt RMS Behringer KX1200 amp. It features a custom-made 15" woofer, 5" midrange speaker and HF driver. It comes with 4 channels with separate volume and effects send. There's an XLR mic input, 4 band EQ, a main out and lots more.

Though I've not tried out this amp, I've read so many positive reviews about it that I'm convinced of it's quality. If this is the kind of power you're looking for and you're satisfied with the various features, you can read some reviews and make a final decision. But from the comments I've read, and the features that this amplifier comes with, in my opinion, this is value for money.

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Keyboard amplifier buying guide.

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