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Dec 10, 2015
batteries psr 8000
by: Anonymous

psr only uses C batterys,4 needed to keep memory there big round ones open bottom battery comp insert neg side first into compartment i know i play one in a band

Dec 31, 2009
Battery PSR 8000
by: Alfred

Dear Raivo: If you have opened your unit and can see the battery, you should remove it, but first make sure you take note of the (+) and (-) connections. I am not familiar with the PSR 8000, but I suspect that the battery is a Button Cell type, probably a CR2032. If so, there should be specs embossed on its housing and all you have to do is buy a replacement locally.
De-solder and remove the old battery. Solder the new socket into place, and slide the new battery into the socket. A new Cell should last a very long time before it needs to be replaced.

Please submit a follow-up Forum message so other membrers can learn from your experience. Thank you and good luck.

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