Any experience/help/guidance for swapping out floppy with USB emulator?

All my floppies have failed but I would like to be able to record and replay songs (my daughter is a superb pianist). I bought a $45 USB emulator from Modo-king for a 720K floppy . My friend put it in just fine and when we plug in the usb stick (2G), it says it needs to format the disk but then doesn't appear to do anything (the counter never changes).

I've downloaded a couple of utilities that supposedly format the usb stick and it doesn't seem to make any difference.

If you know of any particular brand of emulator that has better instructions or you know will work, I haven't invested too much yet and could buy that one. The idea of the emulator is very appealing.

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Feb 01, 2019
Problem solved with floppy emulator install. Neighbor figured it out.
by: Anonymous

In case anyone else has lost hope after buying an emulator and getting it in place only to have no clue what to do to get it to work...

I posted to a facebook page used by members of my local congregation and a neighbor who is an electrical engineer did some research and came over and within a couple of hours had me fully fixed up and running smoothly. In some ways I can tell someone else what we did that worked, in other ways I'd have to refer you to my friend. Basically he knew how to format the flash drive properly, found much better instructions online than I had found, knew how to follow them, knew how to set up the jumpers on the new hardware... So I'm one happy camper. (208) 521 2848 if you need help and I can refer you to my neighbor if needed.

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