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Jun 12, 2010
Amplifying the PSR E 403
by: Alfred

Dear Carol: Your post interests me as I happen to own this model. I?m not a sound engineer, but have a few comments/questions. 1) You say ?small amplifier?. What is the size of the venue where you normally perform? Is it over 20 x 40 feet? 2) I pipe another (Casio) keyboard I own through a set of mini speakers and get plenty of oomph for my area. HOWEVER,THERE IS NO INPUT FOR A MIC. I have not tried my mini speakers on my E 403 (which is piped through my much more powerful home stereo) but I have no doubt they would work superbly. 3)In general, the size of the two small speakers is similar to that commonly used with PC computers, and in addition, there is a ?sub woofer? (about the size of a shoe box or smaller), in which there normally is a built-in amplifier, the power of which should be sufficient to get the job done. Google ?Mini Speakers for Stereo? to find a slew of possibilities, but check if the equipment you select includes an input for a mic. (I have not seen one). Prices vary all over the lot, permitting choice of the one that best suits your budget. The bigger the size of the venue, the more the wattage of the built-in amplifier should be. I hope this info is helpful and would be interested to know what you decide to buy and the result you get from it. Good luck, happy hunting and keep well.

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