amp connection

by jack clark
(north wales)

Dont know if last question was sent Can i connect speakers or amp for more volume to TYROS2 or pehaps even a boom box please? what do you recommend for playing in large hall?

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Sep 15, 2009
by: Dick Rector

Hi Jack,

Alfred's answer is correct, this will sure work fine.
I haven't seen the T2 lately and maybe I'm wrong but as far as I remember there is also an AUX-connection at the back with a FIXED level output to be connected to any amplifier. You have only set the correct volume-level on the amplifier (the one on the keyboard has no function in this case).
Turn the keyboard always on FIRST before the amplifier or you will hear a loud 'BLOB' from the speakers. Reverse this when you finished.
Mmmm. what sort of amplifier and/or speakers?
Depend very much on where you are playing and on your budget. Hard to give advice in this but for sure you know the expression 'Penny wise Pound foolish'

Hope this helps and if I am correct you have two possibility's to connect your T2.
Good luck


Sep 15, 2009
Use of Amplifier with Tyros 2
by: Alfred

Dear Jack: A "Patch" cord with a Plug to match your Tyros 2 HEADPHONE OUTPUT JACK at one extremity, and a Plug to match the INPUT JACK of ANY (STEREO) Amplifier at the other, should greatly enhance the sounds produced bv your Tyros. Leave the Tyros OFF. Plug the patch cord into it. Leave the Amplifier OFF. Plug the patch cord into it. Turn ON your Tyros with volume about quarter way. Do the same thing with the Amplifuer. Then, to avoid distortion, try to set the volume of the Tyros at a lower level than that of the Amplifier. You will soon learn which settings please you most. If the foregoing is helpful, please post a comment in this Forum so other perticipants can benenit from it. Thanks and good luck.

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