Advice re connecting Yamaha CLP-930 to PC

by Angela
(Newport UK)

We have had our Yamaha CLP-930 for a number of years but now wish to connect to a PC for my son to use for his music studies. From the manual I see that the recommended cable was 8-pin mini DIN to 9-pin D-SUB cable. Is there a UB cable that would now do the job? Also the manual says that a MIDI driver needs to be installed, but the link given is no longer valid. Anybody know what driver to download? I hope someone can help. Thanks.

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Nov 21, 2010
by: Dick Rector

Hi Angela,

I am not sure WHAT you want to transfer to the pc.
If it is MIDI and want to work on it, composing, editing etc you need sequencer software like Sonar or Cakewalk plus the cables and drivers.
The stuff you mentioned is quite out of date to be honest and modern computers don't have the connectors anymore.
But MIDI is NOT music, it is a sort of computer language and NOT audible as such.
If you want to transfer MIDI-songs from the keyboard to the PC and make it audible and save it for example as WAV or MP3 to make a CD, you need only a simple cable and the free programs AUDACITY and LAME.
If that is the case send me your email-address and I will send you a step by step letter how to do that. It is simple and it is fun. But this letter is too large to put on the forum as it contains also a few example pictures.


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