A sudden ff-note whilst playing soft (Yamaha Clavinova)

by Daniel Olmarker

I have a problem with my CLP 575B.

For the last 6 months a problem occure, when I turn the piano on and start to play. 3 or 4 notes (the middle f, f sharp, the d right under and occasionally one or two other notes) are sometimes giving the strongest possible sound back whilst I play soft. This occurs not always but all of a sudden on a few keys. In the beginning it is about 1 time out of 10 but after a few minutes of playing it´s better and just appears occasionally. You can play the key (the middle f) 29 times and the sound is the right but then, the 30th time it will be maximum sound - fff - no matter how soft or hard you are playing.
This is, of course, terribly disturbing and not fun at all. Nor is it ok. If you, for example, are playing "Clair de lune" and suddenly a note goes fff, with no prediction at all, it´s all ruined.
I´ve tried to day to make factory restart, but it didn´t help.
Does anybody experienced the same problem?

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Apr 03, 2021
Same Problem
by: William

My CLP-155 does the same thing. I removed the keyboard and replaced the rubber key contactor strip that the keys strike on push.

Didn't solve the problem.

Also cleaned the three circuit boards that the key contactor strip mates against.

Neither solved the problem.

Still looking for the soluton

Dec 29, 2020
Cure for loud notes
by: Anonymous

Problem is bad connections on the ribbon cables coming from the keys. Take off the top cover and either wiggle them around and try pushing them in or pull them out and reseat them.
Good luck

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