2/4 fill-in on Yamaha PSR-S950 or S975

by Jaime R. Alegre
(Hong Kong)

Some of the music have 2/4 in 4/4 time signature. What is the simplest way to achieve this resulting in a correct downbeat after the 2/4 fill in without creating a style. Examples of song are Sometimes When We Touch, Desperado, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, If We Hold On Together, etc. If the 4/4 fill in is applied to the 2/4 , the result is very strange. The downbeat is wrong. If you’re doing an accompaniment for singers like I do, this just doesn’t sound right, and the total arrangement is musically wrong. I’m using YAMAHA PSR-S950 and S975. Can anyone answer or have thoughts ? Thank you.

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