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Single note (F#) does not sustain when the key is held down 
When I press the first F# to the right of middle C, and hold it down, I don't hear much sound, just an initial note then fades immediately. Whereas, …

Yamaha YPG Keyboard Screen Display Problem! 
I have a Yamaha YPG-625 Keyboard and I have only used it for maybe 12 hours (I unplug it when not in use) in the last 4 years I bought it(12/23/2006). …

Yamaha YPG-235 keyboard 
Can someone pls tell how to locate the transpose function the Yamaha YPG235 keyboard?

When I play the speakers make this loud vibrating noise.. 
I have the DGX-630 YPG-635 Keyboard and when I play not even at Max volume it makes this annoying vibrating noise from the left speaker. Is there any good …

Yamaha YPG-635 keyboard 
How to buy a repalcement LCD for ypg 635?

how to upload songs into computer 
How do I record a song I play on the keyboard. Then, once I connect a USB cable, how do I upload the song from the keyboard into the PC. I only want …

Yamaha YPG-535 keyboard 
I cannot find an explanation of the icons and symbols printed on the metal running in front of the keyboard. I feel like an outsider peering in the window …

how do I get my user songs into an MP3 format so I can burn them to CD? 
I am using a Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-620. I have recorded five different user songs on the instrument then I moved them onto my PC. The file that made …

Yamaha YPG-525 keyboard info 
i am trying to save a song from my YPG 525 to a flash drive to put into the computer. the song is definitely on the flash drive, as it shows up as "Song …

Yamaha YPG625 Q & A 
I know the 635 is the "replacement" for the 625. Both are available. What are the enhancements, if any, for the YPG-635. Is it worth the extra money? …

Can't Transfer User Songs to Computer.... 
I'm trying to transfer User Songs from my keyboard to my computer. I have installed Musicsoft Downloader and the drivers. I've established the connection …

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