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Yamaha s90 out of tune 
Our Yamaha S90 keyboard randomly goes out of tune...even if it is at A=440? Why? and What is the solution? Thanks.

Yamaha s-80 output chorusing 
My Yamaha s-80 now generates a sort of chorus effect on the A1 grand piano sound...it is only coming out of the left output jack...the right output jack …

Is there Freeze mode in Yamaha S550 Key board? 
I have purchased Yamaha S550. But I am not happy with my keyboard. It has no Freeze mode. I use always user rhythms styles. If I change playing voice, …

Yamaha S 80 keeps cutting off!! 
My Yamaha S 80 will play just fine, and then power shuts off, and then will come back on in a few seconds. It will do this over and over, like a circuit …

Yamaha S08 D key sticking 
I have an S08 which I purchased about 7 years ago with a D key that just recently started sticking. It operates fine but when I hit it it won't come back …

Yamaha s80 reboot 
How do you do a hard reboot of the S80

sustain pedal doesn't work 
Sustain doesn't seem to work. I plug in the pedal and it won't sustain. I unplug it and plug it back in and it won't stop sustaining. The pedal doesn't …

Yamaha S90XS Review - Yamaha S70XS Review 
Yamaha S90XS Review - Yamaha S70XS Review What do you think of the Yamaha S90XS and Yamaha S70XS synthesizers? Share your views below.

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