PSR-900 LCD Screen does not come on?

by Tommy
(Georgia USA)

Hello, I have had my psr 900 for just over a year now. A few days back, all the "red" lights on the left side of the keyboard started going dim, and intermittently going on and off, there was also a "sizzling" noise in the left speaker. I unplugged the unit, then plugged it back up, now the screen does not come on. The unit still plays fine, all voices and styles work, but the LCD does not come on?

Is there some type of re-set for this, or does it need to go in for repair. If so, where is the best place to send this unit for repair in the USA?

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Feb 04, 2016
lcd proplem
by: uthayan

I have the same problem .PSR-900 LCD Screen does not come on

Jan 16, 2015
yamaha psr-s900 repairs
by: Mr repair

repairing all Yamaha keyboards and boards

Nov 23, 2014
how can i solve my screen
by: Richard Asamoah

Hi am RICHARD there are lines in my YAMAHA PSR900SCREEN can i get help from any one of u take my email if only u can help me to solve this problem email:

Sep 05, 2014
I found this in some homepage. I hope you can use it.
by: Eggert Gudmundsson

Yamaha PSR S900 Screen Replacement
by: Anonymous

Problem fixed by myself. I researched this sites pages to find that the Yamaha PSR S900 has a chronic fault with the quality of the nomitor screen. The replacements supplied to others have also failed as they must be the same low quality as the original screen.

I decided that it is of no use to install the same type of Yamaha replacement screen which is hard to get any way here in PNG. I noted one owner has had 4 x screens fail already. Also I did not want to use a separate outside screen as it is hard to relate to which buttons to press.

Solution: I measured the KBD screen to be 12cm x 9cm. Then I went searching the local stores for a suitable replacement. I found a reasonable quality small, portable DVD player with a flip up screen and A/V input. The DVD screen measured slighty larger than the keyboard screen. I purchased it and connected it the the KBD video out. A quality image of the menu appeared and when measured I found the image would fit the KBD screen opening perfectly aligninf to all the button positions.

The next job was to dismantle the KBD which required removing the main circuit board and the faulty screen. I then diss-assembled the DVD player to separate out the screen from the casing along with the circuit & button boards relating to the control of the screen.

I found the DVD screen fitted in to the KBD perfectly and was then aligned clamped in place. The connected DVD boards were then placed in a clear area and hot glued to the KBD case. I soldered an A/V cable from behind the KBD yellow Video output and connected it directly to the mini A/V input on the DVD circuit board.

This left me with onlt two more items to finalise. The 12VDC required for the DVD Screen was patched through a socket that I mounted near the KBD P/S input. The final item was a the ability to press the DVD Menu button as the DVD screen naturally starts up on DVD Player. I drilled a small hole near the headphone socket and mounted the button and its small circuit board there.
That's it. Currently I have use the KBD Power Supply and a 12VDC Plug Pack to run the KBD screen. Then I press the DVD Menu buttom once and Bingo there is the KBD info in colour almost exactly as the original.

Fingers crossed that the screen will continue to function reliably. The only upgrade I will do in the future will be to tap into a 12VDC source from within the KBD 19VDC so that the KBD is completely self contained again.
Total cost was $100 and 2 hours work.

Jun 12, 2014
lcd failure
by: T@m

Hi, I'm from Tahiti and I have a problem on my PSR 1500 Yamaha. so I want to replace the display...
I wanna know where can I find one ??

May 30, 2014
or 700 backlight off
by: Chris

hi, im from Greece, i have psr or700, my backlight is off.. damm!!!!! BIG PROBLEM, and i cant sold it

May 18, 2014
LCD Problem
by: Anonymous

I am in Indonesia facing the same problem in S-900. I think YAMAHA should focusing to product better LCD quality.

Jan 31, 2014
expensive lcd for PSR S900
by: Mike

I have the same problem for about 2 years,but I am using external 7" lcd monitor with video in conection.

70$ for external lcd
600 $ for replacment in Yamaha service

Jan 23, 2014
PSR s900 LCD Fail
by: ABdulwahab

I am in Kuwait facing the same problem, I just got a quote from agent telling me it will cost about 500$. This is unfair and I think Yamaha should concern about her customer and take all these reports seriously.

Dec 09, 2013
I have the same problem
by: Tes

I have the same problem with my PSR s900 screen back light is gone and I dont know what to do.any help please. Tes UK

May 20, 2013
PSR-900 LCD Screen does not come on
by: nick

I'm Nick from Tanzania East Africa It has been a common problem for us, I think Yamaha company has to find the solution to their product or otherwise people will stop buying Yamaha psr s

Jun 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

my psr as the some probleme...retro light of display is burn ...
I USE AN EXTERNAL DISPLAY 7' less 100 € or $ !
with the out external video of psr .

Feb 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

Pozdrav i ja imam isti problem sa LCD DISPLEYOM nepokazuje nista sem svjetla haman da su yamahini proizvodi fus!! roba YAMAHA PSR1500 GDJE DA NADJEM DISPLAY POZZZ....

Dec 17, 2009
led will no come on
by: Anonymous

it worked fine for 4 years on 24 7now where di buy a back light for the screen if not from yamaha

Oct 09, 2009
same incident
by: Bernd Nestrojil

Hi, I've bought an PSR-S550 and after 3 month the display gave up... Going to search the next Yamaha technician...

Oct 06, 2009
Psr s900 Lcd screen does not come on?
by: Robert Mutai

Im Robert mutai from kenya,Africa,my psr s900 lcd screen went off while i was playing at a church session.

Jun 12, 2009
LCD problem
by: Zain

Sad to say that i've encountered LCD problems for the second time in a spate of 3 yrs since i bought the psr 3000 in Malaysia. Was lucky the first time it happened coz its still under warranty and it took nearly a month to get the parts from Japan. And now as im writing this the same thing occur again.There appear to be extra horizontal and vertical lines appearing on the left side of the LCD which causes the pages or datas to overlapped and hence making it difficult for me to select songs or even read datas.Its really frustrating when this things happened to quite a number of people and YAMAHA is not doing anything.

May 08, 2009
PSR900 Defect
by: slab1234

I'm from Canada and my Keyboard is 1500 Miles away at the Canadian Yahama Head Office being repaired for the same problem. Of course, the Warrenty is off! I'm hoping that Yahama will pick up the bill as it is a common defect by the looks of things. It won't do Yahama any good if the word gets out and they won't do anything to help their customers.

Apr 21, 2009
PSR-S900 Bad LCD
by: Poxy

Hi, Tommy, I have the same problem that you have now. This is my 4th PSR-S900 and they all had the LCD problem. I think YAMAHA should already knew about thier very bad defective product. I was lucky with the other under warrenty but I am stuck with Two of them now that YAMAHA don't cover. I hope we can find the parts cheap.

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