Yamaha psr-3000 vs psr-s900

by satish sharma
(new delhi, India)

Hi everybody!

I use a Tyros 2 for performances and a psr-3000 for programming styles and while travelling.

I want to upgrade from the 3000 to the s900 as both have speakers and have similar light weight. But as I hear the s900 does not have an in-built card reader nor does it seem to have a slot for a hard drive like the T2. Its very silly and inconvenient to keep plugging pen drives, hard disk drives, and card readers hanging out like appendages, now and then. Is there a more decent way?

And can any s900 user tell if the drum sounds are better than the ones in the 3000, apart from the 2 extra drum kits. I would very reasonably assume that the quality of drum samples in the s900 should be somewhere between the 3000 and the T2.

Can anyone comment on these two points?-- as these are crucial to my decision to upgrade.


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Apr 17, 2008
PSR S 900
by: Chamil Jeewantha


I recently bought PSR S900. before that I have used psr 740 for more than 5yrs and I have used psr 1000, psr 2100, psr 1500 too. (but not psr 3000).

according to my experience.. the same sampling technology is used by 1500, 3000 and psr s900.. so I don't think there will be a big difference on the quality of the samples. but 23 of the super articulation voices (which are available in tyros) are integrated with psr s900. that is the major difference I have seen.

if you are not using psr 3000 to perform, I guess no need to migrate from PSR 3000 to PSR s900..

Note: (I'm just a music lover.. not a profesional musician..)

Apr 22, 2008
Thanks Chamil
by: Anonymous

Thanks a ton Chamil for ur comments.
I too suspect there may not be much of a difference and perhaps no need to upgrade


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